While they may be the new kid on the Canberra block, SieMatic kitchens is already a gloabal leader in Eurpoean kitchen design, lifestyle, craftsmanship and technology in 60 countries around the world.

Southern Innovations is one of only two SieMatic distributors in Australia, and we've brought it to Canberra - which means Canberrans don't have to travel to Sydney or Melbourne to achieve their customised, luxury kitchen anymore. When it comes to choosing their kitchen and appliances, we believe that our customers will be spoilt for choice with our other exclusive brands including ASKO Pro Series, Rogerseller and Liebherr fridges.

All three SieMatic ranges - Pure, Urban and Classic - are displayed in four kitchens at our Fyshwickshowroom, and we encourage customers to visit us and explore our kitchens to find a style to suit their own lifestyle, taste and budget. Whilst our kitchens are beautiful on the outside, we think people will really appreciate what they discover when they look inside. SieMatic kitchens offer a wide range of great looking, internal accessories and inserts including Nespresso holders, cutlery inserts, cling film dispensers and charging docks for smart phones and iPads. Inserts can be moved around and adjusted, making customisation so much easier.

We're really excited about what this means for ACT and Southern NSW. We believe our customers will get a very unique kitchen because there is nothing else like it in Canberra.

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